Copyright 2015 by Alden Walker. See my software page for other programs. Thanks to Sarah Koch for the idea. I found useful WebGL examples here and here.
Quick description
Iterate numerically finds periodic orbits of a rational function near a specified point. This works best on the Julia set, where there are many periodic orbits. Left mouse drag and scroll to navigate the plot. Right click either selects the point near which to search for a periodic orbit or sets the initial point of an orbit. The function syntax is straightforward; the default {0:4,1:-4,2:1}/{2:1} is the function (4-4z+z^2)/z^2. Plotting the Julia set does not make sense for functions whose Julia set is the entire plane, as with the default. Click "go" for a simple example.
Full description
Error with canvas Error with canvas
Right mouse action:
Search origin Iterate; length:

Plot actions:

Plot Julia set:
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